szerda, június 22

mai étlapunk - június 22

Cold gooseberry soup                                   800 Ft
Fresh salad with cheese/smoked salmon             900/1300 Ft
Duck liver mousse                                      900 Ft
Calf kidney with red wine and mushroom                1100 Ft
Duck gizzard with marsala and vinegrette-onion        1100 Ft
Toscan duck wing                                      1200 Ft
Provence style foie gras terrine                      1700 Ft           
Main courses 
Vegetarian surprise                                   1800 Ft
Spare ribs with polenta                               2200 Ft
Half chicken goulash with home made noodles           2300 Ft
Duck leg with mashed potato and apple purée                2400 Ft
Beef goulash with new potato                          2400 Ft
Red tuna with bay leaf tomato and lentil              3500 Ft
Rib-eye steak with new potato                         3500 Ft
Apricot cake                                           800 Ft
Chocolate cake                                         900 Ft
French cheese plate                                   1300 Ft

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