szombat, szeptember 1

Today's offer 01.09.

Cold cucumber soup                                       900 Ft
Melon with raspberry cream                               900 Ft
M. Salad with cheese                                     1000 Ft
or with duck breast                    1400 Ft
Goose gizzard with duck jelly                            1300 Ft
Bone marrow with dried tomato and onion                  1400 Ft
Hungarian charcuterie plate                              1500 Ft
Foie gras mousse with grape jelly                        1600 Ft
Foie gras crème brûlée                                   1600 Ft 

Main courses
Today’s veggie (Truffle with potato gratin)              1800 Ft
Chicken goulash with home made noodles                   2300 Ft
Duck leg with mashed potato and pumpkin                         2800 Ft
Beef goulash with egg-barley                             2800 Ft
African catfish with garlic-tomato                        2800 Ft
Duck breast steak with roasted beetroot and pepper raspberry     3200 Ft

 kakasherével     1600 Ft       500 FtDesserts
Marzipan cake                                             1000 Ft
Peach icecream with pear                                  1000 Ft
Cheese plate                                              1500 Ft
     Service is not included             

01, September 2012.                

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