csütörtök, december 4

menu 03.12.


Jerusalem artichoke soup with potatoes 700 Ft
Pumpkin cream soup 800 Ft
Fried duck liver with salad 800 Ft
M. salad with or without duck 1300/900 Ft
Salmon terrine with salad 1300 Ft
Foie gras with truffle 1600 Ft

Main courses

Farfalle with zucchini and mushroom 1500 Ft
Farfalle “aglio e olio” with baby squids 1800 Ft
Chicken goulash with cottage cheese and dill balls 1500 Ft
“Sólet” with duck leg 2400 Ft
Duck breast with porcini sauce and gratin dauphinois 2300 Ft
Piglet cutlet with rosemary potatoes and
red cabbage with prune 2000 Ft
Sirloin steak with foil wrapped potatoes 2500 Ft
Salmon steak with ginger rice and salad 2500 Ft
Rack of lamb with grilled zucchini 2300 Ft


Banane flambée 600 Ft
Brownie with vanilla ice-cream 800 Ft
Apple tarte 700 Ft

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